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Our compass maps your route towards personal growth and excellence.

Pointing Your Way to Greatness!

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We will navigate you
for a better you.

The company’s mission is to offer life, career, relationship, and family coaching services to clients across the US and internationally. 

Be stronger than your strongest excuse 

How it works


Choose Your Certified Coach:


30-Minute Free Consultation:

Select a certified coach tailored to your needs. Our multilingual coaches offer expertise in Arabic, English, and French.


Personalized Coaching Plan:

After choosing, enjoy a free 30-minute session to discuss goals, concerns, and coaching style alignment.​


Ongoing Coaching Sessions:

Collaborate with your coach on a personalized plan to identify objectives, challenges, and growth areas.

​Follow through with tailored coaching sessions. Receive continuous support and guidance by picking your best package deal.

Be stronger than your strongest excuse 
Virtual Meeting

Our Strengths

Compass Coaching provides diverse coaching services for life, relationships, and careers. Our experienced coaches offer solutions to address challenges.


We provide:
- Easy booking process on our website.
- Certified coaches from diverse backgrounds and speak different languages (Arabic, English, French).
- Coverage across US, EU, and the Middle East time zones.

Our Certified Coaches

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

How it Works
Navigating in Woods
Here are some Yes or No questions you can use to self-assess if you could benefit from working with a life coach:
  1. Are you ready to shake off the stuck vibes and add some zest to your personal or professional journey?

  2. Need a GPS for your goals because the roadmap got a bit foggy?

  3. Ever feel like your motivation took an extended vacation, leaving you hanging?

  4. Facing a crossroads and feeling a bit lost in the maze of life decisions?

  5. Is stress doing a chaotic dance with your well-being, and burnout knocking on your door?

  6. Is your inner critic throwing a party, and you didn't even RSVP?

  7. Tried the change game before, but the results didn't do the victory dance?

  8. How about a backstage pass to a fresh perspective and some professional guidance?

  9. Up for a joyride through new ideas and approaches to spice up your goal-getting?

  10. Ready to invest in the blockbuster that is your personal and professional growth?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, working with a life coach could be a great option to help you overcome obstacles, gain clarity, and achieve your goals.
Be stronger than your strongest excuse 
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